Have You Heard...I Got The Secret Sauce:  Reasons To Stop Sweating The Small Stuff
If you're like most people, you've probably got a million and one ideas doing the electric slide in your head at all times. But actually sitting down and writing about them can be another story entirely...especially if you don't know where to start. Well, never fear – today, I’m going to show you how to move past the blank pages of your journal.  So sit back, relax, and get ready to take some notes! (share your tips here) There ya go! Bookmark this post so you can come back to it the next time you feel stuck!

Have You Heard...I Got The Secret Sauce:  Reasons To Stop Sweating The Small Stuff

Sweating the small stuff or worrying only consumes valuable time and resources. Likewise, replaying mistakes in your mind, fretting over a misunderstood conversation, or simply regretting small mistakes is a waste of time.   Please raise your hand if you can relate!   All this worry is not worth the time and effort spent thinking them over and hashing them out.  I know and this is easier said than done.

While it may be challenging to clear these thoughts from your mind, it is an important practice to learn in order to prioritize your time better and identify what truly matters most to your life. In other words, sweating the small stuff only clouds your judgment and prevents you from achieving success.  So, working out and having a detailed planner is not the only things that can aid to having more energy and time.
Here are three reasons to stop sweating the small stuff.

To Reduce Chronic Stress and Fatigue
Stressing over things that don’t provide value only drains you, ultimately keeping you from taking action. When cortisol levels rise, so do inflammation and blood pressure. This can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.
When I start to feel achy joints and my stomach feels bloated more so than looking at what I am eating, I reflect on how busy my life has gotten or what thoughts are plaguing me.

Take some time now to pen on this question:
What thoughts are whispering in your ear constantly that keeps you worried or gives an uneasy feeling?
To Achieve More and Live Successfully

Managing stress and controlling your thoughts means you get to take control and lead the life you want (We love being in the drivers seat, or riding shotgun when we need a break).  A healthy mind and body will foster and inspire you to continue taking the steps to a happier and more successful life, whatever that may mean to you. A simple change in focus can make all the difference. Just try to remember what you value the most. Then, if you need to, write it down.

Take some time now and pen on this prompt:
List all the things that you are grateful for in this moment.

To Be Happier
It’s a fact; improved mental and physical health increases happiness. Only focusing on things that you can control, and ignoring thoughts of others who have no control of your life, brings more empowerment and joy to yours. The only thing you can control is how you respond or take action. When you are free of these negative thoughts, you can better focus on the more important and valuable things in your life.
It is hard I know especially if you identify as a highly sensitive person.  Even more so, why you should keep reminders like this post near.  A loving nudge to remind you to rest and let go.

Take some time now and pen on this prompt:
Write about the last time that you laughed so hard that your belly muscles ached.

As you can see, sweating the small stuff is not an effective use of your time. It only invites in more stress and keeps you from achieving your goals or aspirations. Instead, focus on your actions, learn to manage your emotions, and live authentically to free yourself of this bad habit. Most importantly, trust yourself and remember what you want the most. The more you choose to focus on what really matters, the happier you will become.


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