Journaling for Authentic Content

How many times have you encouraged an overworked friend to take time for themselves to reset or take a sabbatical? Often than not, that same advice needs to be applied to yourself.

Many great ideas come when we step away from what we have submerged ourselves in. Perhaps you are driving along and completely immersed in your jams, and an idea pops into your head. This idea is so juicy that you pull over and record it to ponder it when getting home. Wouldn't that be nice to have it happen more frequently?
This journal was designed for fellow writers to take the time to answer questions about daily living, travel, and how you move throughout your day. It is in the messy middle where "aha moments" and "Eureka, I got it." ideas unveil themselves.

For thirty days, take time to ponder on reflection prompts like "The last time when you were in a negative and uncomfortable situation, how did you conduct yourself?" "Would you change how you reacted?"

Journaling is a beautiful way to hold space for your thoughts. The destination, in the end, often leads you to places you may not have visited in your mind. Use this journal to explore what is already resting on your heart.

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