Liberate and lather library

Introduction to Journaling

Ease with starting your journal.

A place that is steward of your thoughts and is non-judgmental of what you write. 
You will no longer be intimidated by a blank page.  
Instead of an alarm waking you up in the morning it will be your desire to get up and pen in your journal.  
To re-spark the calling to write a book or stand on a Ted Talk stage. 


Today I Accomplished...

Productivity Planner

At the end of the day, you plop down on the sofa and let out a big sigh!  You wonder if you did enough today.  This thought lingers through your mind as you make your way through your evening activities.  As you crawl into the bed you have determined that the day could have been a little more productive if you would have done this or that.  STOP!  No ma'am!  No sir!  

Let's reset... how about if you focused on what you did do?  This planner is just that!  A place where you will recount all the things that you did do today.  Many times we will get into a cycle of not living in the present.  We want to reach for another hit of dopamine for the next accomplished task.  Take the time now to praise yourself for what you did do.  Reflect on how these activities are helping you move the needle.  Don't like what you are doing... tomorrow is a new day to reset and readjust.  The good thing is you acknowledge it and now can self-correct.  

Go ahead and download the journal and get started.