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Mindset Medicine With Mari L. McCarthy

February 22, 2023 3 min read

Mindset Medicine With Mari L. McCarthy
I had a conversation with Mari in 2021 on Liberate and Lather a Journey To Self Care Podcast and we discussed journaling and the practice that she has been doing longer than my 31 years of writing in bound notebooks.  I like to call her the OG of Journaling.  It is beyond a fad for her it has become a way of life and now she has made it her life’s mission to share her insights and ways that she has used the power of the personal written word to help heal herself and now others.
I just finished up her latest book Mindset Medicine: A Journaling Power Self-Love Book.  Who was this book designed for?   The person who is ready to turn off all the noise that is buzzing around in the world.  The one who is ready to take a deep dive inwards and to begin the inner work of “loving thy self.” This book is very interactive this is what I love about it.  There are some books that you will read and they either get donated, land on a shelf to collect dust or be gifted to a friend.  Wait!  This is a nightstand or coffee table companion.  Keep this one for quick referencing and revisits.
Mindset Medicine is something for your mind to welcome in.  With interactive prompts, it serves as a guide as you begin to crack through the rough crust of your feelings and begin to expose the tender parts of your emotions.  This book can be liberating, healthy, and healing as you begin to pick up your pen and commune with the blank pages of your journal.   As you write you begin “healing the issues in your tissues.” -Mari L McCarthy


  • Reduce stress and physical pain.
  • Overcome illness and other life challenges.
  • Heal emotional wounds from past traumas.
  • Resolve inner conflicts and improve relationships.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your true authentic self.
  • Conquer limiting beliefs and fears that have held you back.  (Mindset Medicine)
You will find the layout of this book to be like a guide walking you through old thought patterns as new and helpful ones emerge.  Each chapter is a mini-coaching session with powerful journaling prompts at the end for you to make an application of the lesson.  Therapeutic journaling can be added to your list of self-care tools that you use daily.  Remember there is no wrong way to journal.  Allow the need to use proper grammar, punctuation, and editing as you go along out the proverbial window.  Let your thoughts ooze out in the ink as it is put down on clean blank paper.
If you have wanted to tap into self-love more and to find out who you really are at the core, I encourage you to pick up Mindset Medicine.  Come back and let me know in the comments how working through the prompts is helping.  Share your highlights and all of your wins.  If you are stuck I am here to help unstick you as well.
Learning about who you are and wanting to make changes leads to no final destination.  It is a never-ending journey, life changes in a blink of an eye, we change our minds and the need to pivot becomes the new bargaining chip.  Enjoy the scenic route, take snapshots of your life by recording them in your journal, and make the necessary changes when they are needed.
Mari is the multi-award-winning author of Journaling Power: How To Create The Happy, Healthy Life You Want To Live, Heal Your Self With Journaling Power and Mindset Medicine: A Journaling Power Self-Love Book. She’s also created 20+ Journaling For The Health Of It® Self-Management 101 Workbooks including Who Am I?, Take Control Of Your Health! and Start Journaling For The Health Of It® Write Now.

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