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The Ultimate Brag Book Indie Author Marla J. Albertie

March 05, 2023 3 min read

The Ultimate Brag Book Indie Author Marla J. Albertie

I just worked through another indie book, the Ultimate Brag Book About Yourself, by Marla J. Albertie,  and I wanted to let you know my thoughts.  I love reading and writing, and this book is a great way to prompt you to write and explore some avenues you may not have considered traveling down.  If you like question-and-answer prompts, then this book might be for you.  Be sure to listen to my review by clicking on the image, and let me know in the comments if you decide to give it some space in your collection of books.  

About the Author

Marla J. Albertie has lived on board a United States carrier; therefore, she feels she is unstoppable. As a native of Jacksonville, Florida, she loves to read, travel, and shop. Her travels have been on cruises, as she has taken 16 thus far. Marla believes life is a journey, and we all can create the life we want, so why not; you only live this life once. She is passionate about seeing growth in peoples’ lives and wants others to pay it forward.

As an energetic visionary, she owns and founded the TruthSpeaksGroup LLC, a multi-media company that creates strategies and solutions for work-life integration/harmony (WLI/H). She is also the founder of MJA Notary Services LLC., MJA Publishing LLC., and JEMA Holdings LLC., and Being the founder of I/O for Teens Inc. is her greatest work yet! 

Marla doesn’t believe in work-life balance as she believes all areas of our lives can be integrated and we can create harmony in our lives by means of I/O Psychology and Positive Psychology methodologies. 

However, harmony cannot happen if we are not in tune with who we are. Therefore “The Ultimate Brag Book” was born. 
Marla’s mantra is to #TeachTrainEducate working women who desire to understand their truth and live a life of success defined on their terms. 
Marla's one-word philosophy is #Learn. 

Marla is a certified professional career, executive, and life coach, trainer APTD (Associate Professional in Training and Development), Certified Chief Happiness Officer, Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, Director of HR, Instructor, of Psychology, Amazon Best Selling author, and has over 25 years of business, coaching, and training experience.

Marla holds a Master of Education in Adult Education, Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management, and an Associates of Science in Financial Services. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
Marla loves speaking, teaching, and writing. Among the many ventures she is involved in here are just a few: The founder of the Motivational Movement K.I.M. (Keep it Moving), Truth Speaks Academy, an annual Women’s Empowerment Conference. I.M.A.G.IN.E. (I’M Awesome Growing IN Excellence), YouTube Channel featuring the talk show Creating Your Career with Marla J. Albertie which has 36 episodes, and blog TheWorkingWoman.co. She has also published two books and co-authored a third.
Marla is an active member of the Junior League of Jacksonville, ATD, SIOP, SHRM, Blacks in I/O, APA, ICF, IPPA, and NAHSE. She is also a Well-being and Data Literacy champion at Mayo Clinic. 

When she is not trying to save the world, Marla loves a good story and frequents the movies to eat her favorite snack, nachos. She loves cruising, shopping, and reading with her family and friends. 

Purchase a copy of The Ultimate Brag Book About Yourself on Amazon or get a signed copy on the author's website. You can also add this to your GoodReads reading list.

Here is where you can find her online:
Main Site: truthspeaksgroup.com
Follow her as a writer on Medium
Subscribe to her blog: www.theworkingwoman.co
Take a course at Truth Speaks Academy
Subscribe to my talk show on YouTube: https://youtu.be/faUFIqU8pHs

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