Compliments 'N Coffee: Ashleigh Brown Speaks On Affirmations and Coffee

I am seriously digging these interviews! This week was so fun. Ashleigh is AHH-mazing and I love love her concept.

"Our hearts and minds need coffee in the form of encouraging affirmations. Here’s how I know that’s true: When you believe you can handle anything, you actually do. Your mind is powerful – what you choose to believe you become. The best part? Transforming your mindset starts with small sips."  - Compliments 'N Coffee

She aims to remind everyone how important it is to treat yourself kindly. She created this fantastic line of mugs with positive affirmations inside the mug and her lovely logo is on the outside of the cup. We chatted about her business and how she is maintaining her self-care during her lockdown. I love her brand and concept so much and that was only furthered by this interview. Come listen to all of the amazing things Ashleigh has to say in the interview below!