How Do We Refocus Our Business to Work From Home? With Chris Guillot from Merchant Method

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Guillot, founder of the Merchant Method. And y'all, she knows her stuff. She is fabulous and we just have such a mutual admiration for each other. She is a retail consultant full of knowledge and drive for her clients. In this interview we talk about how she got her business started 7 years ago and how it has grown and evolved through the years.

During this pandemic, Chris and I met in a group we were both members of on social media and just hit it off. We talked about how this time has changed our businesses and how she had to shift focus to support her clients as they navigated a time no one saw coming. "How do we refocus our business to work from home with kids, family members, and all of the regular adult things on top running a business?"

She is just such a personable, lovely woman, I loved speaking with and I can't wait for you all to see and listen.