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MoaZen: Faith and Hope Pivoting During A Pandemic

November 04, 2020 1 min read

MoaZen: Faith and Hope Pivoting During A Pandemic

Hey hey! Coming through today with a fun interview I did with some new friends! We met via Instagram when Hope from MoaZen Jewelry commented on one of our journal prompt posts. I love social media for that! Hope and Faith started MoaZen Jewelry several years ago and through the years have grown their business to be creative jewelry and conscious art. You can now find them chillin at their studio hosting DIY classes and other fun art classes! Wish I could get to NC to check it out!

During this weird time at home we talk about how important it is to maintain self care and keeping in tune with yourself. One thing we talked about keeping those good vibes flowing. Remembering this is a great time to slow down and find a project or hobby that you've been wanting to try but never had the time for. Gardening, crafts, reading more, learning a new skill, or whatever!


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