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Ode To Mumbai Soap Bar

The scent of sandalwood dances through the warm steam. You close your eyes as the hot water pours over your body, relaxing stiff muscles. The earthy top notes were mixed with a base of musk and woody undertones to exchange greetings. Coriander, Amyris, Sandalwood, Amber, and Dark Musk transcend you to the entrance of the Mumbai Harbor. Your eyes drink in the sea as it discloses a beautiful panorama frame of the Western Ghats mountain range from the mainland.

You hear Bollywood... it picks up the mood. The smell of exotic spices tickles your nose and rumbles your tummy. You allow the sun's warmth and humidity to envelope your body like a hot shower. Allow your soap to take you to lands far off. Allow the frothy bubbles to take all the dirt and worries down the drain.

This soap is made with the COLD PROCESS method. This soap is formulated to give a perfectly stable – nice, and bubbly lather.

Because my soaps are hand-made in small batches to ensure freshness, each soap may have a slightly different appearance.

You get one (1) bar weighing over 5oz. Sodium Laureth Sulfate FreeSodium Lauryl Sulfate FreePreservative FreeParaben FreePhthalates Free

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Lard, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Distilled Water, Mica, Fragrance Oil

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