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Copy of Liberate and Lather Presents: Ignite and Write Monthly Subscription Box

Does This Sound Familiar?

“You let out a deep sigh as you look at the stacks of pretty notebooks and journals piled up on your bookshelf.  Many of them only have 5 to 6 pages of your thoughts scribbled on them.   When you purchased them you promised yourself that you would keep up with writing in them, you made that vow as you took out your wallet to pay for it.  

Walking over to your pile of where journals go to die you feel defeated as you lay to rest  yet another beautiful journal.  Feeling flustered because you draw blanks and don’t know what to write. What do you do?  You stop.   

How would you feel if you could journal without feeling like it was an overwhelming chore?

What if you were able to pick up those lovely journals and start filling those pages with your thoughts, how would that make you feel?


I have always loved to write!  I wrote in my family expensive encyclopedias when I was young, on the back of old photos, book cover jackets you name it.. my backward letters would make their way into them.


Journaling has been one of my most favorite pieces of art that I have been able to create.    I don’t draw nor paint as if I have studied the arts, but the thoughts and words that I use to tell my story is my art medium.  No one can tell my story like you me and get all the details right.


Many people like yourself have longed to make journaling a habit forming practice but then get overwhelmed.  I have helped people to ignite the desire to write and to find fun and practical ways to make journaling an intricate part of their daily self-care routine.  


Journaling for me can be igniting a candle, cozy socks and curled up in an overstuffed chair and looking out of a big window overlooking the forest.  Ooh yeah as I sip my warm beverage and begin to allow my words melt onto the pages of my journal.  


Then I switch it to my current reality and my journal stays with me.  I write when I am waiting for my name to be called in the doctor’s office, I pull it out when I am waiting for a friend who is not as punctual as I and out comes the journal and pen and I write.     


Journaling is liberation will you  allow me to help you free yourself and stake your claim, as you seek to discover some beautiful truths about yourself?






Ignite and Write Subscription Box 


Once a month head to your mailbox for this self-care treat!  To help assist you in taking time out for yourself is why this box was designed.  


A lovely candle awaits you in this bundle, a set of journaling cards that you can either shake up inside a jar… or even the box it came in and select a card to prompt you to write in your favorite journal.  


I promise I will not let you go at it alone… each month you will have an invite to a Self-Care Masterclass where you will learn additional techniques on how to keep your writing fun and exciting.  There will be occasional dance breaks, virtual hugs and lots of laughter.


Here Are A Few  Good Reasons Why Becoming A Subscriber Is The

Best Way to Practice Self-Care Through Journaling: 

Reason 1: Journaling allows you to destress by taking thoughts from out of your head and put them down on paper. 

Reason 2: Writing your thoughts down help you to stop identifying your negative beliefs or thought patterns and separate yourself from them. 

Reason 3: The building of a solid foundation for a having a relationship with your mind. 

You can see there are a whole lot of benefits to getting your favorite pen, candle and journal and start writing.  And that’s why you’re going to want to get a hold of this Membership at the Founders Member price. 


The Investment

  • Candle of the month ($30.00)
  • Journaling Cards ($26.00) 
  • Monthly Group Journaling Session ($297.00)
  • Private Community of like minded women ($197.00)

             Total Value: $550.00


The price of this box will be $47.00 but as a Founding Member you receive it at $28.00 (plus shipping) monthly until you cancel.  Boxes will ship out starting on the 20th of every month.  

Are You Ready TO:

  • Boost your mood?
  • Enhance your sense of well-being?
  • Releasing pent-up feelings an everyday stress?




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