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My Story

Welcome to the tribe, where we wake and start our day off with inspiration, feed our minds with positive thoughts and lather up our bodies with handcrafted products made by this human (me) Angie Clay!

I was delighted when I received this beautiful testimonial from one of my Liberate and Lather tribe members it goes a little something like this:

“I definitely did not hesitate to buy Liberate & Lather products, what I put on skin is very important to me. I’ve always wanted to try out homemade soap and deodorant and now that I have easy access to these products I look forward to trying out new recipes and flavors.” -Juanita

What does that have to do with you? Maybe you joined my email list due to one of these five reasons:

1. You love handcrafted soap and body products and your motto is “Shun mass production support Indie Businesses.

2. Your days starts with a lovely hot shower and thick suds from your homemade bar of soap, your favorite scent wafting through the steam.

3. When you are at any craft show or farmers market you spend hoards of time at the soap booth smelling different soaps “oohing and ahhing.” Price is not an issue when it comes to something you love.

4. You love a great surprise.

5. The thought of using commercial soap…well, you’d rather be zapped by a live wire then to have that stuff touch your skin.

6. At the end of the day you simply want good products to use on your body… after all it’s the only one you get.

Now that we are connected I just wanted to end with a few “what you can expect” from me. I’ll swing by your inbox once a week with some positivity, what’s happening on the blog or to share new products with you. They’ll always be sweet, short and to the point because we are all busy living life and making moves.

As I know you are busy traveling, trekking fearlessly through life and changing the world if you want some like-minded people to accompany you join us in our self-care group on FB: Liberate and Lather: A Journey Through-Self Care.

Watch me now! As I bust into my favorite move…hmm no it’s not the sprinkler, but seriously I am excited that you are allowing me into your inbox and joining you on your journey. It truly is an honor.

Wake! Lather! Liberate!