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Ignite and Write Box- Get Rejuvenated

Have you thought about journaling and then decided that you do not know what to put on those pages as you sit down?  It can feel overwhelming if this is a new self-care practice that you would like to implement. 
After 30 years of penning in many, many, many journals, the one thing that I have tried and still use to this day is journaling prompts.  Sometimes we may have a story inside our heads but never really thought of it in a certain way.  Like an old familiar scent that wafts through the air brings back nostalgic memories, so can words.  
Light your candle and get your favorite pen and journal. 
You can take your cards and work from top to bottom, selecting your words for the day.  Hey, you can even throw them in a fabulous basket and pick that way.  Give it a try, and I think you will find your journaling experience more transformational when you keep at it.  
I call this box "Get Rejuvenated", the prompts are geared towards renewal, resetting, and letting go.  

Inside Your Box:

Soy Wax Candle 14oz 

Stack of Journaling Prompt Cards