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Sugar Scrub: Feeling Irie

Escape to an island oasis of indulgence as you smooth on this tropically-infused body scrub. Feel the ebb and flow of daily stresses wash away as soothing sugar granules gently polish your skin.

Open the jar and instantly transport to a sunny Caribbean paradise. The sweet coconut aroma mingles with fresh pineapple, conjuring images of swaying palms and sparkling turquoise waters.

Scoop up this creamy, coconutty elixir enriched with smoothing coconut oil. Massage over the body, arms, and legs as the lightly sugary formula dissolves dry, dull skin cells, revealing touchably soft skin beneath.

Inhale the scent of coconut cream mixed with juicy pineapple and allow it to whisk you away to tranquil island simplicity. Feel the tension melt from your body with each sweeping stroke. Your mind floats freely to the sounds of reggae beats and lapping waves.

Let your senses fully indulge in this escapist ritual. Breathe deeply and savor this serene moment of self-care and skin pampering. A few blissful minutes of pampering allow you to return relaxed, nourished, and ready to continue your island adventures.

This tropical scrub leaves skin fresh and glowing, restoring your inner radiance. It's the perfect companion for those seeking an exotic yet gentle cleanse and escape from daily whirls. So lather up, breathe deep, and let this soothing coconut-pineapple concoction transport you to paradise.

Ingredients:  Cane Sugar, Coconut Oil, Germaben, Mica, and Phthalates Free Fragrance Oil