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Book Review: Rebirth By Kate Brenton

February 26, 2023 1 min read

Book Review: Rebirth By Kate Brenton

Did you say a book filled with stories and how people were able to overcome what could have been a total TKO?   I am a sucka for a happy ending and victory dances... hand over a tambourine, and I will give it a few thunderous shakes.  I want to introduce you to my latest read, RebirthBy Kate Brenton, ED.M.
It is a book about real people who made a choice that took courage and gumption.  It was a delightful read between Kate's insights and stories from others.  I highlighted a few points in my author-signed copy that moved me as I navigated my journey as a business owner.  It made me feel like the goals I set for each quarter are doable.  
I have said it many times if you want to get to know yourself, just build a business.  There are days when I want to throw in the robe, the towel, the bar of soap, and the slippers. However, knowing that I am not alone in the ebb and flow of life is comforting.  So if you want to support Indie authors, grab the book.
Watch the video for a more profound thought on my experience.  

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