Control Only What You Can Control with LocBae Founder Jamillia

Last week I had the privilege of chatting with Jamillia. She is a warm, kind, and creative woman I met on IG during this COVID lockdown. She does live Instagram videos with other people newly on their lock journey. In the real world, she works for company that gives grants to non-profits. She is also a writer. Listen to hear more about her writing journey.

Jamillia and I chat about how she is maintaining self-care during the quarantine period. Her answer is one that made me feel all the feels. She said she is working on being intentionally kind to herself. Working on not being her own biggest critic. That is amazing to hear. This quarantine time is confusing and stressful but being able to go back to the basics and only controlling what we can control, ourself and our attitude towards ourselves, while the world is in chaos.

So before I give away the whole interview I am going to stop and let you listen now! Check it out below!