The Magic is You: Michele and Aimee Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with Michelle Rohr and Aimee Johanan from Passive Income Planner Girl. They work together to create digital planners on how to earn passive income, they teach a course on how to implement the planners and taking 100% responsibility for your life, they also have several amazing templates for planners and even a Canva template. Honestly, they wear many hats and I am in awe of their passion and drive for the business they created and run. POWERHOUSE TEAM!

In our interview we talked first about what word they are living by right now. COVID is such a bizarre time in our world and it is hard to nail down a word or phrase to motivate yourself by. As a journaler, I of course was anxious to hear what words they would chose that has driven their business and success during the lockdowns. It is the perfect word and so simple to say but hard to live out. Listen as they talk about that and of course how they are maintaining self-care during all of the madness.