Push Past COVID-19 and Discover St. Lucia Tours with Keiwa Simpson

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Keiwa Simpson from Discover St. Lucia Tours. She is a local St. Lucia travel planner that helps overworked couples design their perfect island getaway. She grew up on the island and has lived there all of her life so she knows the insider tips and tricks for hot spots and relaxation spots on her island. I love her energy and enthusiasm for her job and the time she spends with her couples helping them plan their best vacation ever, is amazing.

Her island is full of self-care treats. Beautiful restaurants, luxurious hotels, warm waterfalls and beautiful hikes and scenery, plus THE BEACH, additionally it is super safe and the locals love having tourists there. As Keiwa says, “there's something for everyone.” Sign me up! Listen as she discusses some of the popular dishes on her island, I love that one of them is a Friday special!